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5Pcs/set Premium Paint Brushes

5Pcs/set Premium Paint Brushes

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Paint Brush Set

This set is an incredible value, designed for everyday work, home, arts and crafts projects. It's the ideal set to have on hand for spontaneous painting projects.

There are no flimsy bristles here. These blended SRT filaments can hold up to 30% more paint than most other paintbrushes in their class. They are quite capable of holding medium to heavy body paints.

Get a Smoother Finish

These paintbrushes have premium filaments, which provide a smoother finish and more even release. This gives you more finesse and precision when painting.

Tackle Tougher Jobs

Designed to withstand even the most abrasive surfaces, these paintbrushes give you an edge in versatility and heavy-duty applications.

Paintbrush Set, 5-Piece